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My bookclub experience in Toronto

Hi everyone!

I would like to talk about the book club in which I’m a participant.

Kitap Duragi

That’s my Turkish book club in Toronto. All participants are Turkish and we have our discussion in Turkish as well. Since May 2018, I have been going to this book club every month and I am very happy with it. In this book club, you can read or listen to the books in any language you prefer but keep in mind we have our book discussions in Turkish.

Why should I attend a book club?

Well, it is good to listen to others’ opinions and I believe it gives different perspectives about the book. For example, you might miss the detail in the book but when others talk about it, you gain different perspectives. It is like looking at the same picture but describing it differently.

How do I join these book clubs?

If you reach out to any of the group members, you’re welcome to attend the next meeting.

How does it work?

In Kitap Duragi, every year in June, we decide the next season’s books (September to June) by voting. If you want, you can buy physical books with other group members since they order from Turkey, but it is not an obligation. Otherwise, you can read e-books or listen to audiobooks.

What happens if I don’t read or finish the book?

No worries, we are all human. Everyone is so understanding in this case. Make sure you’re not getting used to it! Otherwise, that’s ok. Do your best!

I haven’t attended any book club before, I’m nervous about it.

Don’t worry! Kitap Duragi was my first book club. Let me explain what a session looks like. Every book has a moderator, so the moderator facilitates the session and then everyone shares their opinion and knowledge about the book.

If you want, you can follow them on social media: Kitap Duragi

I hope you found something useful!

Happy reading!

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