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The BEST 4 tips for Cinephiles


As a newcomer, I know it's a bit tough to reshape your life and entertain yourself in a new country. Many things are very different from your home country. For example, in Turkey, movie theatres give people a short break during the movie but in Canada, they don’t do this. I still remember that the first time I went to the movies in Canada, I expected to have a break after an hour but they didn’t give us a break and I was suprised!

In this post, I’ll share some tips for you to spend less money on movies. Let’s start!

If you are a Cinephile..

Option 1: Cineplex is offering 50% off on Tuesdays!

Cineplex has a 50% off discount for movie tickets on Tuesday! You can get your ticket -even VIP tickets- with 50% off. My suggestion is for you to get your ticket online at least one day ahead because Cineplex theatres are so busy on Tuesdays! For more info, please visit the website.

Option 2: Scene is offering FREE movies!

Scene is a loyalty program that you can use at Cineplex theaters in Canada.

How to get the membership

You can get your scene card for FREE from a Cineplex theater or you can fill out the form online. Scene card also has a partnership with Scotiabank so if you have a debit or a credit card from Scotiabank you might get more Scene points.

For more information, please click here.

How to use the card

If you purchase your ticket at the movie theater, let your cashier know you have a Scene card.

If you purchase from online or self-checkout, scan your card or fill out your card information.

**If you forget to use your Scene card before purchasing, no worries! That happened to me a couple of times. Keep your receipt with you and call the customer service, and they will add the points to your card.

I suggest you to use Cineplex and the Scene apps, they are very easy to use.

Option 3: Outdoor movies are waiting for you in the summer!

Believe it or not, we watch movies outside in Canada! Well, Canada is known for harsh winters but we really have summer here as well. Many communities in Toronto organize outdoor movies in the summertime. You can bring your blanket, drinks, food, and your friends to enjoy it.

How much is it?

You can pay what you want, $5-10 is suggested.

Option 4: Toronto Public Library is waiting for you!

You can borrow CDs and DVDs from the library. Also, you can check Kanopy and Hoopla online to watch movies!

I hope this post helps you.

Enjoy your movie!

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