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The TOP 2 Options for Bibliophiles

Hi everyone!

As a newcomer in Toronto, I faced many challenges, especially financial ones! When I first arrive, the Canadian dollar to Turkish liras currency rate was 2.90 but it is 5.10 today (1 cad is 5 Turkish lira). Sad but true, the currency rate is still going up. Well, under these circumstances, I had to change my lifestyle to adjust.

Anyways, I’ll share some tips on how to be socially active while saving money in Toronto.

Please note, that I wrote these tips before the pandemic so please make sure you double-check before following them!

If You Are a Bibliophile..

Option 1: Toronto Public Library is waiting for you!

Who can get a membership?

If you can prove you live, go to school, or own property in the City of Toronto, you can get your membership!

How much does the membership cost?

I’m not sure about the membership fee, I might have paid $5 for the physical library card.

Toronto Reference Library

How to use the membership?

You can borrow hard copy books, ebooks, and audiobooks for FREE!

If you want to check out a book online, log in to the TPL website using your card and password. Use the search engine to find the book you want. Click hold and choose the library branch from where you want to pick up the book. You will get an email when your book is ready for pick up. That’s all!

Please go and get your membership!

Option 2: Second-hand book stores are waiting for you!

There are plenty of used book stores in Toronto that sell books at a really low price. You can check them on Google Maps to see their locations and visit their website for the books you're looking for. I haven't done it yet but some of my friends do it and recommend it. Try it!

I hope this post helps you!

Happy reading

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